Product Update: November 2021

✨ What's New

More insight on payout transactions from your dashboard and from the APIs


We've added Trace ID to all new payout transactions. Trace IDs are a special type of IDs that your customers can use to trace payments with their financial institutions. So going forward, when customers need to trace/track transactions for any reason you can copy and share the transactions trace ID from the details page of a transaction. You can also find this information when you make an API call to query a transaction.


We've also added a detailed reason for failure to all failed payouts. Now, when a payout transaction fails, you can see exactly why the transaction failed in the details of the transaction and in the response when you make an API call to query a transaction.


Customize your customers' Checkout experience with new configurations


We've added a way for you to skip the first page of the checkout where your customer needs to select the payment method to pay with. With this update, you can either choose to immediately initialize the checkout to any payment method you prefer or still show the multiple payment options available on your platform for your customers to choose from.

⏳ What's Coming Soon

  • Add team members to your Korapay account
  • Improvements to our Webhook Notifications