Audit Logs

Certain activities and events are logged on your dashboard on the Audit Log page. This helps you to track your dashboard usage, especially for security purposes.

Here are some of the events that are logged:

Event CategoryEvent
LoginYou logged into your account
You logged out of your account
WithdrawalYou made a withdrawal
Top upYou topped up your balance
CheckoutYou created a Checkout
You deactivated a Checkout
You deleted a Checkout
ExportYou exported a list
Settings UpdateYou updated your bank details
You updated your business information
You updated your means of identification
You updated your address
You completed your business registration
You generate new API keys
You change your settlement account
Security UpdateYou enabled Two-factor authentication
You disable Two-factor authentication
You changed your password

All events have a unique Event ID that can be used to track an event and a timestamp that shows the time that the event occurred.


Audit logs do not reveal sensitive information like payment details, passwords, etc. Rather, these logs just show activities that occur on the dashboard for reconciliatory and investigative purposes.