Making a payment with a virtual card

Every payment made with the virtual card goes through a series of events triggered by the purchasing merchant, which processes the card payment. These events lead to funds being deducted from the virtual card, and we notify you of them through webhook events.

Successful Transactions

When a cardholder successfully makes a payment using the virtual card, the purchase amount is debited from the card balance. A webhook event is sent to your server to confirm that the virtual card's available balance was successfully debited and that the purchasing merchant has received the credit.

Once a successful purchase is made with the virtual card, a transaction with a success status is created and displayed on your Kora dashboard.

Failed Transactions

If a purchase with the virtual card is unsuccessful, a transaction with a failed status will be created and displayed on your Kora dashboard.

When a reversal is initiated for a purchase transaction, the purchase amount will be refunded to the virtual card. Additionally, a webhook notification will be sent to inform your server of the reversal.

Cross-currency Payments

A cross-currency payment occurs when a cardholder uses the USD virtual card to make a payment on a platform that uses another currency. The payment amount in the purchasing merchant's currency is converted to USD, and the equivalent USD amount is debited from the virtual card's available balance.


Please note that the conversion rates are subject to change.