Test & Live Modes

Building trust early is a very important part of our merchant/developer relationship. That’s why Korapay lets you try out much of the functionality of a Korapay account without any real charge. With only very few differences from Live mode, test mode allows you to familiarize yourself with how seamlessly Korapay works. Here's an outline of the differences between Test mode and Live mode:

  • No real charge is made on payments in Test mode. Real charges are made in Live mode, so be cautious.
  • Analytics and real data representations are only available in Live mode.
  • The flow for some payment methods, like card payments, are truncated and may be more straightforward in Test mode than in Live mode. For example, dummy card details may already be inputted when testing card payments in Test mode.

Switching to Live mode

To transition from Test mode to Live mode, it's expected that all the Go-Live requirements are met and approved. Once these requirements are met, simply click on the switch at the bottom-left corner of your dashboard to toggle between Test mode and Live mode at any point in time.

Switching to Test mode does not stop your active payments in Live mode from going through. This means that you would still be able to receive payments with your active integrations, Checkouts, and payment links that were created in Live mode, even when you switch to Test mode.

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