Issuing Balance

Your issuing balance represents the central funding source dedicated to card issuing on your account. This balance provides the funds used for virtual card creation, card funding, and other required fees. To fund virtual cards and enable card spending, you must first fund your issuing balance.

Funding your issuing balance

To fund your issuing balance from your dashboard:

  • Go to the ‘Issuing’ tab on the main menu.
  • Click the ‘Add Funds’ button at the top of the page.
  • Enter the amount you wish to add to your Issuing Balance from your USD Available Balance.
  • Confirm the transfer. After confirmation, the funds will be transferred from your USD Available Balance to your USD Issuing Balance.

You can enable the auto-funding feature, which automatically funds your issuing balance from your USD available balance whenever you have a low issuing balance and need to issue a virtual card. This ensures that you don't miss an opportunity to create cards for your users. Please contact our support team to enable this feature on your account.


Ensure that you always have sufficient funds in you USD Available Balance to successfully fund your Issuing Balance

Getting your Issuing Balance via API

While it is possible to view your Issuing Balance from your Kora dashboard, you can also get your real-time issuing balance by making an API call to the Issuing Balance API.

Here's the request to fetch card issuance wallet balance (the Issuing Balance)


And, this is what a typical response would look like:

  "status":  true,
  "message": "Card issuance wallet balances retrieved successfully",
  "data": {
    "USD": {
      "available_balance": 10000