Payouts, also sometimes called Disbursements, are outbound fund transfers from your merchant account to any bank account.

You can easily create and manage your payouts directly from your dashboard or through Kora’s Payout API. The API enables you to send payments via a simple, secure process that requires only the bank information of the recipients.

To make a payout, all you need is

  1. Of course, your Kora account (Create an account here), and
  2. To ensure that your available balance is sufficiently funded. See how to do that here.
  3. The recipient's details.


Currently, Kora’s Payout API supports Payouts to:

  • Nigerian bank accounts
  • Kenyan bank accounts
  • South African bank accounts
  • Kenyan mobile money accounts
  • Ghanaian mobile money accounts

Payouts on Kora are secure, and many merchants also prefer them for the following reasons:

  • Detailed records — Your complete payout history is always readily available, and you receive notifications when your payments are updated. You can also download your transaction history for your accounting purposes.

  • Reduced risk — Kora’s risk and compliance controls help protect you against fraud.

  • Flexible integration — Integrating the Payout API is super simple and straightforward.

Methods of Payouts

There are two ways you can make payouts from your account. These are also called 'Channel' in the transaction details on your dashboard.

Make single or multiple payouts programmatically from within your application.

Make single payments to customers. No integration is needed.