Balance API

Retrieve your balance information with the Balance API

Balance API is Korapay’s product for receiving real-time Balance information. This real-time Balance data can be helpful when checking to see if your account has sufficient funds before using it as a funding source for a payout. With the Balance API, you can easily access your balance without having to log into your dashboard. It also provides you with the liberty and flexibility to incorporate your Korapay Balance into your application however you deem fit.

Balance Request

This endpoint returns your Korapay balances (available and pending) and requires secret key authentication.


The Balance API automatically returns both your available and pending balance in NGN in the response. Here's a sample response:

  "status": true,
  "message": "success",
  "data": {
    “NGN”: {
      “pending_balance” : 100000.78,
      “available_balance” : 400300.90